over the past 7 years, the RAD Lab has employed 43 different people (myself included) in this federally-funded organization working in #robotics. for #juneteenth, inspired by @pullupforchange, I want to acknowledge the lack of diversity on this team.  while we've had 49% people of color work in the lab and 47% women, only 19% were women of color and only 2% (1 person) was black.

one of the core principles of robotics is that you cannot change a system that you do not have accurate measures of. while I don’t know what the next steps are, I know that acknowledging where we are is an important first step toward in creating equitable economic opportunities for black people.

moreover, unlike the corporations on @pullupforchange, my organizations have been funded by public money — taxpayer dollars that are pulled equally from everyone and distributed to a rarified few in the form of grants. this puts an even greater onus on me and other #NSF, #DoD, #NIH, etc funded research groups and startups to engage in outreach, fair hiring practices, and inclusionary culture.

-- Amy