Time to Compile

Time to Compile is a collaboration between artist-in-residence Catie Cuan and The RAD Lab.

Time to Compile is an embodied analog for the Internet of Things where audience members can make sense of this “place” and this “time”.  We live in a world where people exist side by side even when separated by 1000s of miles and a time when data of human individuals is constantly being captured, influencing later unanticipated situations with unknown agents.

The mood of the piece is distant and remote yet sparkly and intriguing. We use soft elements like sheets, skin, and sex to contrast the hard lines of robots, virtual avatars, and transistors.  Articulated mechanical devices not only allow us to grapple with previous audience perceptions of robots, but also move theatrical elements supporting a multiplicity of set configurations.  Active, mobile lighting elements cast shadows of both human and robot performers, delineating another world on stage.  The soundscape varies from speaking (human and robot vocalizations), to music from modern, digitally influenced artists.

For more information and showing dates, visit http://timetocompile.com.

The Robotics, Automation, and Dance (RAD) Lab
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