Independent Study Presentations



The RAD Lab held end of semester independent study project presentations today.  The schedule was as follows:

9-9:15am A Study of the Culture of Gestures In the domain of Human Robot Interaction (HRI), Amani Cheedalla -- 4th year

9:15-9:30am Biologically Inspired Robot Behavior Engineering, Brett Libowitz -- 1st year

9:30-9:45am Numerical Dynamic Network Control With Application to Various Modified Network Structures, Marisa Grayson -- 3rd year

9:45-10:15am Robots and Children: Exploring The Potential of Autonoumous Agents in Enhancing the Quality of the Patient Experience at the UVA Children's Hospital, Sarah Huber, Justin Mcauliff, Kris Monson, Talia O'Brien -- 4th year Capstone team

Cookies and discussion to follow.

It was great to see the independent research of undergraduates at the University of Virginia on display.