ICSR 2018.


Roshni just returned from Qingdao, China where, after Amy missed her connection to Beijing, she had to present four papers at the 5th International Conference on Social Robotics!  Great work Roshni -- and the rest of the lab members whose work was presented on their behalf:

R. Kaushik and A. LaViers. ``Imitating Human Movement Using a Measure of Verticality to Animate Low Degree-of-Freedom Non-humanoid Virtual Characters.''

I. Pakrasi, N. Chakraborty, C. Cuan, E. Berl, W. Rizvi, and A. LaViers. ``Dancing Droids:  An Expressive Layer for Mobile Robots Developed Within Choreographic Practice.''

C. Cuan, I. Pakrasi, and A. LaViers ``Perception of Control in Artificial and Human Systems: A Study of Embodied Performance Interactions.''

A. Bacula and A. LaViers. ``Character Design and Validation on Aerial Robotic Platforms Using Laban Movement Analysis.''