Happy Holidays from SIE!


In the holiday spirit, our Graduate Degree Coordinator here in Systems and Information Engineering created the poem below.

T'was the Night Before Finals

by Jayne E. Weber

T'was the night before finals, and all through Olsson Hall.

Students were cramming and scribbling on whiteboard walls.

DDM and 6001 — algorithims and case studies — maybe not so much fun.

The TA's were printing exams, and stapling like crazy.

Hoping the copier would not jam or print hazy.

The SIE faculty were home, not quite snug in their beds.

Dreading the paper and grant writing that lay ahead.

When all through Olsson Hall there arose such a clatter.

Should staff call Facilities? What could be the matter?

T'was Baxter, the robot, escaped from LaViers lab.

Dressed up as Saint Nick, and looking quite fab.

Saying, "I cannot give exam answers, we have an honor code.

Besides, they’ve reprogrammed me for holiday mode.”

My message is simple, "it's now time to accel''

"Good luck on your finals, I’m sure they'll go well."

T'was the night AFTER finals. The students were all gone.

Staff were all giddy looking forward to time-off beyond.

Faculty and TA's were busy with grading.

They were also quite happy the semester was fading.

Suddenly all through Olsson Hall, lights were a-blinking

T'was Baxter again, he was singing and drinking

“It's been a tough semester and now it is done. 

It’s now time to relax and have some great fun.

Congratulations on ALL our accomplishments as we put 2014 to bed.

May SIE thrive in the New Year ahead!


Happy Holidays!