A choreography, a study in robotics engineering, and an interactive platform for audience-participants.

A Machine

Exploring the machine-metaphor through embodied practice and choreography.


Body-based metaphors exploring isolation, connection, and community through an algorithmically generated open-source choreography and soundscape.

Time to Compile

An embodied analog for the Internet of Things, through performance, installation, and research.


Presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree doctor of philosophy in electrical and computer engineering.

caali, llc

Embodied experiences delivered to your phone. caali creates participatory media-rich environments documented via photogrids, video, and other bespoke formats.

fall classes

Join us for our Fall 2020 Making Meaning with Machines in Motion Workshop, led by Amy LaViers and Catherine Maguire.

teaching robotics through choreography

The RAD Lab frequently hosts workshops for K-12 aged students to engender excitement and empower learning about robotics.


Movement seems to encode information. How does this work?